When it comes to digital, we aren’t content to just ride the wave of internet hoopla and online interaction. We give it a purpose. It’s not enough to throw things into the digital void and hope someone finds it. We use our industry expertise to pave our way through the world of cat videos and memes and find the things that work for your business and bring meaning to your brand and consumers. With locations across Canada, the US and the UK, our diverse team will deliver a digital experience with data-driven strategy, creativity and seamless execution that will leave your business with a measurably stronger performance.


Search Engine Marketing – We concentrate on the content people find once they arrive at your website. We create relevant content and build you an optimized website that is user-friendly and provides the user what they’re looking for. This improves your search engine rankings, which enhances your awareness and increases traffic and conversion. a well-thought strategy is critical to building your sales pipeline and gaining new customers.

SEO– Tremendous effort, time and money have gone into your website, and now we need to get it in front of your audience.  So the rule we live by is that you should rank on the first page of a google search otherwise you’ll likely get bypassed.
At gang&lani, we employ SEO Best Practices, so you don’t get bypassed